Most of the times the best views are not directly next to a road. But long hikes are worth it if you can enjoy marvellous landscape and relax in silent nature.


Hiking in the Alps

We are always keen to discover wonderful landscape at home and we want to share our best tours so everyone can explore the beautiful Alps! So instead of writing how nice the landscape is have a look yourself!

Day Hikes

Here you can find nice day hikes that can be reached in around 1 to 2 hours from Munich.

Multi Day Tramps

Why stop on a one day hike when you can extend your mountain experience with some more days up in the alpine wilderness. 

Hiking in New Zealand

Snowy mountains and thousand lakes. The Land of Lord of the Rings is truly breathtaking.

Explore fjords, green rainforests with fern trees and sandy beaches.


Hiking in the USA