Our favorite photography backpack.

The "right" equipment plays a huge role in making your travels fun. The search for good gear and stuff you love is ongoing. But last year we found our favorite backpack which is just awesome. Lot's of photographers use the fStop backpacks or huge ones from LovePro. But we think that accessing your camera is a pain in the ass with these backpacks especially if you need to climb or want your hands free.

The best photography-backpack!

We found the rotation series from MindShift. The ultimate functionality and it's easy use makes the MindShift 360° backpacks to a perfect companion for day-hikes and multi-day hikes. It features a rotation system that allows you in less then 10s to have your camera in your hands ready to shoot!!!  Timing is important as some moments are gone in short time. But don't just take my words. See for yourself:

There's no need to disrupt your creative momentum by removing this backpack to access your camera equipment. No more "on again, off again" with the rotation180° Panorama. Simply pull around the integrated beltpack to rapidly access your gear.

Rotation 180° Backpacks:

The rotation system comes in different backpacks from MindShift. We currently have these two and recommend them highly:

There is also a bigger 38l version as well as a small trail backpack available:

The Review

We have the 34l Horizion as well as the 24l Parorama backpacks for over 3 years now. Overall there is only few negative things. The 34l Horizon lacks these rubber bands where you can stuff in your jacket (the panorama does have this. Also the rain-cover is not included and you have to buy it separately. 

+ Camera in your hands in less than 10 s

+ Quality

+ Design

+ Camouflage (does not look like a photography backpack)

+ Comfort and customization

+ Tripod straps (you can even fit a second tripod on its side)

The 24l is a a little small but sufficient for day trips. Most times we carry a 34l as well as the 24l backpack and go for multi day hikes (summer camping/ stay in huts).

As I am writing this I am tempted to order the 38l Professional as this one seems to be able to fit even more. 

Write a comment if you have a different favorite camera backpack!