The best view of "Schloss Neuschwanstein"

The best view of "Schloss Neuschwanstein"

A really unknown hike to scenic views of water falls and the fairytale castle. One of the best and most amazing views of the Schloss Neuschwanstein, with the Alpsee (a lake) in the background.


You can park your car for free at the side of the road, which leads to the castle.
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You hike up the Pöllartschlucht (it's a ravine with a creek) until you reach the first big waterfall and then climb up a really steep mountainside fully overgrown with all kind of plants and trees. 

The first waterfall

The first waterfall


Follow the path until you get to the waterfall obove. Cross the river ABOVE the second waterfall.

Hiking up the Pöllartschlucht is easy as you can follow a broad path. After you reach the first big waterfall directly followed by a small man-made waterfall you have to cross the river and hike up the steep mountainside. We just hiked up and after some time found a way up. It's not that easy as you have to find a way trough the forest and around some big stones. You need to be sure footed as it is really steep and there is no path.

The "viewpoints" are not so easy to find because a lot of trees block your sight. Having a gps-map ( 3D) is useful. It took us about one hour to find the points because we did not really know where they where.

The 1st viewpoint is located at: get the coordinates here


Here you can see the Alpsee directly behind the Schloss Neuschwanstein. This lake is the main difference to the 2nd viewpoint.

The 2nd viewpoint is about 50 meter north of the 1st one.

At the 2nd viewpoint you look more direct at the castle, but you can not see the lake. You do not have that much space here as more trees block your sight.

I hope you can hike up there safe and enjoy the great view!

PS: It's funny to watch the overcrowded castle while chilling there. :D




It may happen that the Pöllartschlucht was closed due to stonefall. If that is the case you can climb over the barriers at your own risk! BE SAFE AND CAREFUL!

Best time to go there:

    early october: the trees have amazing colors
    in winter: snow!!! (be careful! It's going to be really slippery!!!)

What to bring:

  • Camera

  • good hiking shoes

  • you need to be sure-footed

  • some good food to enjoy while having a great view of the castle


Respect the nature! Leave no trace!


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